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    Shipping & Returns

    Welcome to our website ecogoreyonline.com We usually shipped out within the first 24 --71 hours if ordered inventory. Please note that our inventory is constantly changing, and can not guarantee that all of the products on our website at the time of purchase of shares. If your order is out of stock, we will contact you immediately email; So, the purpose of providing a valid email address to contact. If your product is out of stock it will take 2-3 days for us to process orders.

    All of our products by ship EMS, USPS, DHL and TNT. After that, we send your order, you will receive a tracking number and tracking methods to your e-mail, then you can track your order status.

    Worry-Free Return Policy

    Follow grounds acceptable exchange: what you order us to transport incorrect item (S). The product (s) is / are defected. With us within 24 hours, when you receive the package, please contact. We will help you returned.
    The product (s) is / are not the correct size; in this case, if we receive the item back, the size is right, we will launch the same project back to you. Otherwise, please note that you will have your items shipped back to our warehouse at your expense. The new project will retain the item and if you reorder or new size. We will credit you with the $ 35 shipping for you and your new project. Please do not, you will have your items shipped back to our warehouse.

    Return Policy

    If the item is incorrect, please contact us in time and within 24-48 hours, you get the package. We will help you returned.
    Additional freight exchange (return and reloading) will be the customer's responsibility. If you do not like the project, the customer will pay the return costs and transportation costs from our warehouse.

    We ask you not to use just "beat Bookshelf", when you ship goods. In the package, the separate shipping box beat box. For any questions, please contact us at (the address can not accept returns).

    The return address will be sent to you, but please contact us first in line.

    We have the right to check the return of the project to determine whether the product has been worn, the right to use or change. If the return of the beat is not in resellable condition, transportation costs will be charged to your credit card and tempo will be returned to the customer. Buyer pays shipping product to return the majority of stores and shipping will be added to all the exchanges. We will pay 30% of the fee charged and restocking fee. Items returned immediately after arrival a refund will be issued a credit card on file.

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